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Company profile

Founded by an Italian family, the Paysan brand was developed around quality deli meats. Eventually acquired by the Breton family, the company continued growing at such a pace over the next few years that Paysan quickly broadened its scope to cover an entire line of traditional products based on recipes used mainly in various regions of Quebec.


Today, Paysan stands for three concepts:

Respect for tradition

Emphasis on local flavours and recipes

Authentic product taste and quality


Our creative, detail-oriented team works every day at testing and developing products that meet the needs of customers who understand the importance of a diverse, well-balanced diet.


As you discover our Paysan products, you enjoy:

A wide selection of foods meeting consistent standards of high quality

The benefits of supporting local production

Foods that are easy to prepare without sacrificing taste or quality of ingredients

Products developed by a dedicated, enthusiastic team


Bon appétit!